Imagez Hair Salon first opened its doors in 2007. Located in Buttevant, a small town in north Cork on the outskirts of Mallow, our homely five chair salon is where we create hair artistry.

We are a colour expert salon with a passion for healthy hair advocation. We specialize in our signature Prescription Blends & colour correction. A key element of the service we provide to all of our clients is product knowledge & personalized home care plans. We believe that what we do in the salon is only 20% of what creates beautiful hair, what you do at home to maintain this makes up the remaining 80%. That’s why we love our professional hair care brands.

Michelle Roberts

Michelle is the owner & founder of Imagez Hair. Michelle began her career in the hairdressing industry 19 years ago, when she took up a position as a Saturday girl in a local salon. She then went on to complete her apprenticeship with Visage Hair Salon group. Soon after Michelle opened Imagez Hair at the age of 21. After 11 years of working in the salon floor as a Senior Stylist, Michelle now takes on a non-hairdressing position within the business. Michelle focuses on taking care of her team to the highest of standards so they in turn can pass on this same care to their salon guests. As social media & online trading has become an integral part of salon life, Michelle independently runs this side of the business. When you message us it will be Michelle who is taking care of you & she is on call for you 24/7. Michelle is a healthy hair advocate & she is passionate about product knowledge & creating the perfect home care plan personalized to each individual.

Tara Buckley

Tara is Imagez Hair Salon Manager & Senior Hair Stylist. A home grown Stylist, Tara began her hairdressing career in 2009 at Imagez Hair as an understudy to Michelle. Tara’s natural ability to create beautiful hair fast tracked her into a position as Senior Sylist. Her loyalty and love for Imagez Hair gained her a managerial role on the salon floor. Tara keeps the show on the road within the salon walls and she is the girl who “gets it done”. Tara has a passion for creating beautiful blondes which has crowned her the title of Imagez Hair Blonde Specialist.

Jacqui Cottor

Jacqui is our trademark Prescription Blend Expert, with a incredible eye for the finest of details, this lady will take every strand of your hair into consideration when perfecting your personalized Prescription Blend. Hair artistry is her passion and it shines through in all of her work. Jacqui began her hairdressing career many moons ago & after taking a short break to be a stay at home mom, she joined the Imagez team in 2015 as Senior Stylist. Jacqui loves to love, she goes up & beyond the call of duty to take the best care of her salon guests.

Rebecca O Connoll

Rebecca is the Imagez family most recent Stylist graduate who joined the team in 2017. During this time Rebecca has worked on perfecting her craft to the highest of standards. Rebeccas dedication to her craft & work ethic is outstanding. Rebecca has a passion for all things hair but her most recent endeavor is precision cutting.