Color Wow Color Security Conditioner Thick Hair


Color WOW Color Security Conditioner Thick Hair – 250ml

Easy detangling + rich hydration for thick, coarse or curly hair


Color WOW Color Security Conditioner Thick Hair – 250ml

The ideal partner to Color Security Shampoo, this Conditioner with eight translucent conditioning agents is essential for detangling and smoothing chemically-compromised, color-treated hair.

It contains:
No dulling, or darkening agents.
No conditioning agents that oxidize on the hair, corrupting color and turning it brassy.
No pearlizing agents or waxes.
No parabens.

Features color-shielding Sealiconโ„ข complex, which delivers a protective, high-gloss finish. Normal-to-thick – a smoothing, cuticle-sealing formula for normal, coarse or curly color-treated hair.

How to Use: After shampooing with Color Security Shampoo, apply a small amount to wet hair, starting about 2 inches from scalp, and distribute evenly along hair strand to ends. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Style as desired.


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