Color Wow Pop & Lock

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Color WOW Pop & Lock – 55ml

Frizz-Control and Glossing Serum. Smooths, seals, adds sparkling shine for color that pops


Color WOW Pop & Lock – 55ml

Gloss Treatment. Delivers epic shine + brilliant color. Works inside and out to repair texture and to add epic shine. UV Protection. Loaded with re-lubricating humectants, 75% of the formula works inside the hair to help restore elasticity and suppleness. Then, the serum portion of the formula wraps around the outside of the hair, forming a crystal clear, high-gloss sheath to lockdown the cuticle and lock in the lubricants. Hair color pops, texture is transformed.

How to Use: Use on wet or dry hair. On wet hair: Apply a few drops on hands, distribute through hair, concentrating on lower lengths and ends. Style as desired. On dry hair: Apply a few drops on hands, smooth lightly through hair sections as desired for a frizz-free, glossy polished finish.


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