Malibu C Wellness Hair Remedy Hard Water Detox Treatment for hair

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With its natural and effective formula, you can say goodbye to hard water woes and welcome back the radiance and health of your hair.


Discover the transformative power of Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy, your solution to combat the adverse effects of hard water on your hair. Infused with a patented nature-identical vitamin C complex, this remedy effectively removes mineral buildup, rejuvenating your hair for a healthier, shinier, and more vibrant appearance.


  • effortlessly eliminates hard water deposits and impurities from your hair
  • counteracts brassiness and discoloration caused by mineral absorption
  • deeply penetrates to enhance moisture retention for your hair
  • offers instant enhancement in the look and feel of your hair
  • eco-friendly
  • travel-friendly size

How to apply:
At least once a week, begin with shampooing and rinsing your hair. Pour the Malibu C Wellness Hair Remedy Hard Water crystals onto your wet palm and rub your hands together to dissolve the crystals. Apply the dissolved mixture to your hair, scrunching it throughout. Leave the remedy on your hair for up to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Shampoo your hair once more, followed by a thorough rinse. Apply conditioner, if desired, and rinse.


  • vegan
  • nature-identical vitamin C complex – contains a patented vitamin C complex for effective results
  • free from preservatives, gluten, fragrance, or added sodium chloride (salt)


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